The latest for young people from Pope Benedict

10 09 2008

In his homily, the Pope challenged his listeners to help young people encounter Christ, and through this new generation of Christians, evangelize politics, the economy and the working world.

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A short article well worth reading.  Yes The Holy Father was mainly addressing the youth of Sardinia at the time but I think his words are for every young person, words we all need to hear.

Another article titled

Holy Father encourages young people to discover God to find true freedom

On Sunday evening, Pope Benedict addressed young people in the Italian city of Cagliari encouraging them to seek family, spiritual and intellectual formation and profound faith in response to the individualism and consumerism that characterize the world today.

Please read the section following the line  “the Pope recalled three values emphasized by John Paul II during his visit to Sardinia 23 years ago:  family, intellectual and moral formation, and profound faith.”  full article




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10 09 2008

This comment isn’t specifically about this post, but I couldn’t find a good way to contact you more directly. Your blog interests me, being myself a twenty-something ex-expat Catholic. It sounds like you’ve been in Japan longer than I ever was, but I have some rather deep personal ties to the country and always meant to do what you’re doing now, in bringing a better online presence to Catholicism in Japan. You’re doing good and important work– keep it up.

Many of my experiences reflect yours, in terms of impressions about church architecture (mostly around Nagoya, which has a few beautiful churches and many which are extremely arid), secular and religious culture in Japan, and the life of a Catholic trying to muddle through. One thing that struck a chord with me about your blog was the mention of the importance of the sacraments. I grew up with and maintain now very traditional sensibilities about the reverence and solemnity of the Mass, and did and still do have serious reservations about “charismatic” liturgical movements. But I learned to put that in perspective when I found an English confessor in Nagoya who has charismatic leanings. Frankly, the ability to receive a valid absolution, especially in my native language from someone who could listen to and fully understand whatever I felt I needed to confess, was so much more important than those differences. I attended Japanese Masses almost exclusively and could adequately confess my sins in Japanese, but I don’t think I could do it in a way nearly so complete and satisfying on a human level.

I never did get around to starting my own site, but I have been trying to use my interests and talents in other ways, including some translation for the Japan Catholic News website, which you’ve linked to a couple times. (Incidentally, I recently translated an article– not yet on the site– about Br. La Salle, who appeared in an earlier article you linked to on JCN– I didn’t translate that one, though.) When I was in Japan for a short visit, I also picked up the two hymnals I’ve seen in use. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to translate or transliterate anything you might be interested in (subject to my rather busy schedule, of course).

One other thing: you linked to some abortion stats in Japanese and expressed some uncertainty about the two columns to the right of the number performed in each year. I think I can clear that up: the first (実施率(‰)) seems to be the number of women between 15 and 49 who underwent an abortion that year, per 1000 women. In other words, I think this says that in 2006, 9.9 women per 1000 had an abortion, or about 0.99% of all women. The next column is the number of abortions performed per 100 live deliveries. So in 2006, for every 100 babies born, another 25.3 were aborted. (You could, from this, calculate that about 20% of pregnancies ended in abortion that year.)

OK, this commend is already too long. Sorry! But again, keep up the good work.

17 09 2008

Thank you for your comment, and Im sorry for my late reply. If you feel up to it you should start your own blog too. The focus I had when I started this was to encourage other young Catholics to keep going to church while in Japan, to live out their faith and so on. With all the Catholic blogs out there and all the blogs about Japan I wanted to read something that was about both but surprisingly there was nothing. I think your Japanese skills are probably better than mine so one idea is you could aim for a more Japanese audience. Anyway there is certainly more room in the blogosphere.

Thank you for your offer to translate or transliterate because I actually need help. A while ago someone asked if I could post the Apostles Creed in Japanese however the copy I have in my mass book and the version we actually say in mass are different, so if you could help Id really appreciate it. I will post a photo of my mass book so everyone can see that version.

Thank you also for clearing up the abortion stats I was wondering about. I hate kanji 🙂

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