God of Justice

4 09 2008

Today I found out that someone has received what I think is better treatment than I got.  I became upset at the discrepancy thinking why did he get better treatment and I did not.  In my dark mood I remembered the Last Judgment painting on the wall of the Sistine chapel and how impressive it was when I went and saw it.  Remembering that painting, that God is a God of justice, and we will all be judged based on what we did and did not do has given me some comfort.  At the moment of death we will each be asked to account for what we have and have not done so with that in mind I leave it to God to pass judgment and justice on the people I think have treated me unfairly.  I should be clear this is not a criminal case and to be honest it is a case of me feeling that my parents have treated my brother more fairly than I.

I am glad that while God is a God of mercy, gentle, loving, and so on He is also a Just Judge something that I think our world really lacks.  Our world cries out for justice, and our world has forgotten that Jesus is not just a “nice guy”  He means business!  Look at Him in the middle of the painting strong and terrible, so intense that Mary is not looking at Him.  I guess religion doesn’t want to portray Jesus as angry these days because it might upset some people, hurt their feelings, and then they wont go to church.  I want to hear about an angry Jesus because there is much to be angry at in this world!  We need fire and brimstone homilies.  We need to hear of the Just Judge!  My family complaint is overall trivial however there are many families these days where the parents have really messed up, failed, and so on but there will be justice.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.




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