Rosary Necklaces’ Once Hot Fashion Fad For Cool Youth

2 09 2008
July 12, 2004  <!– | News Posted in JAPAN, Daily News Category–>

TOKYO (UCAN) — Japanese young people, mostly men, are sporting rosary beads these days in a fashion trend that has nothing to do with religion.

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Yes I know the article is four years old and the trend seems to have ended as I don’t see the rosary necklaces anymore, however, the article does give a little insight into the people who bought and sold the rosaries.  While the rosary necklaces are out Ive definitely noticed cross or crucifix necklaces being worn by tv celebrities and ordinary people, so I guess thats the new style right now.

I was shocked at the prices of 10 000 yen for a Dolce & Gabbana one and 77 000 yen for a non necklace Tiffany rosary!  I too was surprised when I first saw people wearing the rosary necklaces but I changed my mind and though that least they don’t hate it.  Also the items are likely not blessed so there is not really a concern for desecration as far as I know.  Sure they may not understand, out of ignorance, what a rosary is but wearing it may plant a seed of faith.  For example I like what the clerk did in the article by explaining to the customers what the rosary really was and even showing them inside a church.  Even friends or strangers asking the wearers if they are Catholic  may cause the wearer to think or consider even for a moment what is a Catholic, who is a Catholic.  These things may plant seeds that may bloom later.

I did find this site that sells men`s wedding accessories.  click here I have no idea how popular it is to wear those items at a wedding but they look silly to me.  I think the cross belt chain thing is the silliest of all!




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