Hidden Christians video

1 09 2008

For some reason the video does not work when embedded but does play over at youtube so click here and it should work.

Overall an interesting video I thought. I like the line at 0:55 “… for fifty years it flourished until it`s popularity posed such a threat to Japan`s rulers it was outlawed.”  The statement serving as a reminder that Catholicism was not rejected upon its introduction but only outlawed due in part to its popularity but also due to foreign trade influence such as the Dutch and British wanting Japan to not become a colony of Spain or Portugal.  Right after that the video moves into the home practices of today’s hidden “Christians.”  I put Christians in quotes as they are their own religion.

The video next talks about Unzen Jigoku and how, according to the video, 40 000
Christians were killed there.  Now some may say well isn’t the blood of martyrs supposed to be the fertilizer that causes the bloom of Christianity in a place?  I would say yes but in Japan`s case, and this is my own opinion, the full bloom has not yet come.

At the home altar of the hidden Christian man there are two images of Mary and one of them appears to be of the breastfeeding variety I have heard of but think is very rare these days.

Unfortunately at the beginning there are several sounds in the video that sound like error messages popping up on your computer when really they aren’t.




2 responses

1 09 2008

Oops! Just tried this, and it says video is no longer available.

But I’ve just finished reading “New Dawn For Japan” by Fr. Everett Briggs (of the Maryknolls) to give me some background history.

2 09 2008

I think Ive fixed it, and I will look up that book too.

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