Buddha statues switched with fakes

28 08 2008

SHIZUOKA–Nine statues of Buddha have been stolen from temples and other places in five cities and towns in Shizuoka Prefecture since late July, with thieves using such methods as replacing them with fakes during the thefts, police said.

The about one-meter tall parqueted statue belongs to the Hozoji temple in the city. It is said to date from the late Muromachi period (1333-1568) and is only shown to the public once every 60 years.

full article here

As a Catholic who can have the body blood soul and divinity of Jesus at mass everyday if I wanted to I am surprised that treasures of Japanese Buddhism are often hidden from public view and even shown only every sixty years in the above case.  I appreciate that the treasure of my faith is so easily accessible.




One response

29 08 2008
Viator Catholicus

Great comment about the Holy Eucharist! The true God is so near.

Meanwhile, the article is ironic. Fake statues replace statues of fake gods. In such a case it is good to ponder who the real thieves ultimately are.

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