Japan`s Abortion Numbers

25 08 2008

Reading stories like this makes me angry. Why? Because throwing money around isn’t going to restore the millions of people killed by abortion in Japan since 1949!! It is hard to find numbers in English on the numbers of abortions so I finally found a chart in Japanese. click here. The left column is the year and next to it is the number of abortions performed that year. The two middle columns I need to get clarified and will update my post when I do so, and the last column is the number of sterilizations performed that year. Total number of children killed by abortion since 1949 36,577,547

The damage has already been done and no amount of government spending can bring those people back now.  At the same time we must offer up our prayers and reparations and beg God`s mercy over this slaughter we, as humans, have committed.  Even though we personally may not have actively participated in having an abortion or aiding someone in having one remember the sin of omission, of doing nothing.  We must not be idle while innocents are being killed we must at least pray for an end to the killing.




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