Sex, the Olympics, and Showing Your Faith

22 08 2008

After reading this article I think that if it at all reflective of what actually goes on then I actually feel sorry for these athletes who are engaged in such behavior.  What is the point of striving to achieve your physical best but failing to strive for your moral best too?  God will judge each of one of us, even gold medalists, upon our death and it wont mater to Him how many medals you have but how well you did what He asked of you.  Where is the reward if you gain the world but lose your soul?

When I was a child I don’t remember seeing any Olympic athletes wearing a cross or making the sign of the cross.  Of course that doesn’t not mean that didn’t happen its just I never saw it.  I think it would have made a good impression with me if I had seen that as it would have shown me that people I was looking up to for their excellence in sport shared my faith and weren’t ashamed to show it too.  This Olympics I have noticed some athletes wearing crosses and/or crossing themselves and its nice to see athletes who are on the same team as me as well as daring to show their faith to China and the world.



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