Feast of the Assumption was it a Holy Day of Obligation Here?

18 08 2008

Do any of my readers know if it was a Holy day of Obligation here?  I thought that the bishops of each country could decide which days would be days of obligation for their own particular country am I wrong?  Growing up in my home country I never recall going to mass on the feast of the Assumption and so had no idea until this year.  I have a religious calendar now that has all the feast days and such.  For the Assumption it says Holy Day of Obligation but since it was printed in another country I wasn’t sure if it applied.  I checked several English speaking church websites to see if they mentioned whether or not it was an obligation and found nothing.  My home parish on the previous Sunday said the mass times for that day but nothing about it being an obligation.  They emphasized that the additional mass was in Vietnamese I think it was and so I thought it was mainly for them and didn’t concern all parishioners.  I even phoned a church to get an answer and the secretary, after putting me on hold to ask someone, came back and said no it wasn’t an obligation.  Thinking the day was optional  I opted not to go.




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22 08 2008
Viator Catholicus

Wow! The anniversary of St. Francis Xavier’s arrival and a feast of Our Lady who is the patroness of Japan is not a Holy Day of Obligation!

Wouldn’t it be a perfect way to Christianize O-bon?

22 08 2008

Yeah it would be nice if more people were celebrating the Assumption than Obon. Im still not sure if it is a day of Obligation here or not Im still looking for an official yes or no as to what days are celebrated. I will contact my Bishop`s office and see what they say.

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