Fr Mitch Pacwa is a Jesuit?!

3 08 2008

I often listen to the ewtn daily readings and homily and while all the priests are good at giving a homily in their own way I am particularly fond of Fr. Mitch`s history packed homilies.  Wanting to know more about him I googled his name and found out he is a Jesuit!  I am surprised because unfortunately it is more often that I hear about the Jesuits in terms of how lax and unorthodox some have become.  If all Jesuits these days were a lot more like Fr. Mitch things in the Catholic church and in the world could not help but be better too.  Actually if all the Jesuits in Japan were like him I think one would see the numbers of new Japanese Catholic converts rise dramatically.



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4 08 2008
Jeff Miller

Sad story that. While their are a bunch of faithful Jesuits we never hear about the university systems seemed to be filled with unorthodox ones.

Though there are plenty of wacky non-Jesuits such as Fr. Josephy O’Leary who teaches in Tokyo and is as dissident as they come.

I almost met Fr. Pacwa once. I was at adoration and when leaving I saw that he was there in the back row. I knew he was in town for a conference, but never expected to run across him in an out of the way parish. I though that was pretty awesome and showed a lot about the man.

5 08 2008

Yikes I just read some of Fr. Judas O Leary`s blog and all I can say is he needs to spend more time saying the rosary and going to adoration than writing posts about how much better Catholicism would be if we just ignored the pope and embraced Buddhism once and for all. I think I will include him in my prayers today he certainly needs it!

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