“Sure, it’s a human life,” responded the Japanese gynecologist. “

25 07 2008

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The Priest Ministering in the Era of Choice

“Sure, it’s a human life,” responded the Japanese gynecologist. “What any woman bears is not going to be a monkey or some other animal. We all know that.”

“Then, how can you accept legal abortion?” I asked.

The man thought for a while, then said: “I guess we don’t issue a visa for some of them.”

I had been in Japan long enough to realize that many people here do not see much connection between reverence for God and respect for the ten commandments. I told him, nevertheless, that a baby living in its mother’s womb has a visa from God entitling it to live where its parents live. I think he agreed, but was unwilling to extricate himself from the trap in which Japanese law and social expectations capture gynecologists.

A survey among Japanese doctors indicates that they feel two moments to be very sacred: the time of birth and the time of death.

The Japan which foolishly led the world into legal abortion with its 1948 Eugenic Protection Law may now be turning around to do a beautiful thing for God.

I wonder if this eugenic protection law was to abort babies fathered by a foreigner???




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