Beauty personified on our streets

24 07 2008

full article here

The joy and sweetness of thousands of young Catholic pilgrims who flooded into the city, in the words of Cardinal George Pell, simply “overwhelmed” the rancid negativity of sections of our sex-fixated media, and those aggressive secularists who regard religion as an irrational threat to their way of living.

For many Sydneysiders, even jaded priests, it showcased a new generation of young people who shocked them with their social conservatism. This wasn’t the fabled youth of binge drinking, drug abuse and rampant sexually transmitted diseases, but a group of gregarious, sophisticated people unashamedly embracing the 21st-century revival in orthodox religious faith.

The World Youth Day generation, as the national German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has described it, “is united by a consciousness fundamentally different from that of the 1968 generation and their children”. It is rebelling against the do-whatever-you-want culture spawned by the 1960s social revolution. It has experienced first hand the consequences of the four-decade-long experimentation with false freedom, the broken marriages and damaged children, and a sense that there are many truths and no immutable moral rules.

Amen!! The problem is many my age have been cheated out of knowing their faith by tides of liberalism that swept through the church.  I am lucky that through the grace of God I was able to return to the Catholic church more informed then ever and very orthodox.  I dont lean to the left or the right, those are political terms, I want to go straight to the heart of truth straight to Rome to the rock.  That is the only way to survive.  I, like many of my peers, received a very shoddy education in all things Catholic while growing up, so I am very thankful for the internet where I can look up official church documents, and where I can also watch ewtn or listen to it on my ipod.  I can also get on the internet and write a blog where I can say hey I can live a decent faithful Catholic life in Japan a place where many (not all) Western foreigners come and toss all morality aside.  Im not bragging make no mistake I just want to encourage others to lead a better life and to show Japanese people what a good Catholic looks like because you might be the only one they ever meet.  Pray for the country and its people too especially the people that really annoy you.



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