The Pope`s Days Off

16 07 2008

As the Holy Father is recovering from jet lag after arrving down under this article from the AP explains a bit about what popes have done on their days off.  Some things I knew already like our Current Holy FAther likes to take walks and play the piano, and the late John Paul II liked to hike and ski.  Things I ddint not know but find amusing  are

“Leo XIII, an avid hunter before becoming pope in 1878, was known to shoot pigeons from the windows of the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican.”

I don’t mind that he shot pigeons what I find amusing is that he was doing it out of the apostolic palace windows

Also “other pontiffs simply took walks inside the Vatican, sometimes alarming unsuspecting gardeners and other workers.”

Maybe they did it for the fun of surprising the employees thinking “oh look Giovanni is quietly gardening I shall go sneak up on him<insert plotting papal laughter>”

Tucked way down at the bottom of the article is this “But 12 youngsters will join Benedict for lunch on Friday at St. Mary’s Cathedral House in Sydney. The Vatican said they can ask questions.”

Interesting number that 12!  If I was having lunch with the pope I think I would be so nervous and excited it would be hard to eat  On the other hand eating could be a good alternative to talking since it is reported that even the most educated people have become tongue tied in the pope`s presence.




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