New Article on Neo Catechumenal Way

3 07 2008

From the CBCJ

This article is about how the priests in the diocese oppose the NW and there will be a later article from the parishioners point of view.


Salesian Fr. Kosuke Murakami, on loan to the diocese and serving as pastor of the Zentsuji Church in Kagawa, explained why he felt the seminary must be closed.

“The seminary is the driving force behind the activities of the Way, producing liturgical problems and damaged unity in parishes,” he said.

“In my previous parish in Imabari (Ehime prefecture),” he continued, “regardless of when a child was born, the Way refused to baptize it until the following Easter, and they refused to let anyone but a Way priest administer the sacrament. They were a completely independent group in the parish that the pastor could not control. The most active members of the parish were drawn off to the Way’s Saturday Mass. Their main financial support was also directed toward that group, to the detriment of the parish as a whole.”




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