My Thoughts on the End Times

2 07 2008

If you are Catholic or even if you are not it is very likely that you are aware of Jesus saying He will return yet we know not the day or the hour but watch and pray, and be prepared. There are even movies made with themes of the apocalypse and anti Christ which people watch just for fun, me included, but dont take seriously. I have always looked on end times speculations with a lot of skepticism and a kind of wait and see attitude. An example of this would be hearing of the prophecy of the popes by St Malachy.

A prophecy which I never took too seriously and though it was kind of fun, of course if the next pope is named Peter the Roman …. well I’m not sure what I would do right now!

I have also heard of the many Marian apparitions like Fatima, and Akita, and thought oh how nice but it doesn’t really apply to me until yesterday. Yesterday I did some research on apparitions at a place I had heard the name of but that was all. The place is Garabandal.

What really caught my attention was the promise made to Joey Lomangino that he will receive new eyes ( because he actually has none they were lost in an accident when he was young) on the day of the Great Miracle. The part of the story that caught my attention was not so much the promise but the fact that he is almost 80 years old. Ok he could live to be 100 like my Grandfather and it may be many years before this promise is fulfilled or it might be within the next several years. Or it could be a load of garbage and never happens at all and he dies with two fake eyes and no sight. I am honestly, skeptically, waiting to see what happens. Before this thought there is supposed to be a great warning where we (everyone living on earth) are all made extremely aware of our sins and how we look in Gods eyes then within one year there with be the so called Great Miracle.

Of course I could be hit by a bus tomorrow and none of this would matter except the state of my soul which I am trying with the grace of God to keep in good condition and I think is the main point. We should all be free from mortal sin, going to receive the Eucharist every Sunday and acting. praying for others, and living visibly as Christians ready to meet our maker at any time. However if we are living in the last days I have been reading Mark Malett`s blog since yesterday with my usual skepticism and interest. I dont want to ignore everything related with the end times, dismissing it and saying well people at every time in the Church thought theirs might be the last days, and end up a boiled frog that doenst realize what is going on until it is too late. At the same time I dont want to fall prey to fakes, and frauds so I try to be careful but aware.




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2 07 2008
Roman Deacon

Hi Catholic in Japan! I ran across your blog through Google. I have them send me alerts whenever something is relevant to Marian Apparitions. That ls my thrust in life, promoting Mother Mary and her many apparitions, especially Garabandal. I have a blog where I usually post books and news items. Right now I’ve been posting “She Went in Haste to the Mountain” by Fr. Eusebio García de Pesquera O.F.M. which is the monumental classic trilogy known as the “Bible of Garabandal”. It’s a lot of work but being a retiree gives me plenty of time. I also know Joey Lomangino quite well and back in the 70’s went with him as an escort, assisting him as he gave a conference and talk about Padre Pio and Garabandal. You know that Padre Pio obtained a miracle for Joey when he went to confession to him. He received his sense of smell back, even though his olfactory nerves are severed. Joey is the real thing! He worked hard at the business he and his brothers had set up (Private Sanitation) and is also retired like me. We used to laugh saying we all would be in wheel chairs when Joey gets his “New Eyes!” That seems to be coming true as we are getting old, but we’re only in our 70’s, not 80’s. My philosophy regarding the Warning, the Miracle and the Great Sign is that I try to tell as many people about it as I can and if they don’t believe, it doesn’t make any difference because they will believe when the Events happen!
By the way, the former Bishop of Akita said that these Messages (Akita) are a continuation of Fatima. I believe Garabandal is also a continuation of Fatima too, especially since Mother Mary appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Fatima on the last apparition of Oct. 13, 1917 and then came as OLMC at Garabandal. The link is there!
Blessings from
Deacon John

3 07 2008

Hello and thank you for your comment. I listened to Joey`s story on EWTN and the part where he asks Padre Pio about Garabandal and Padre Pio says yes Mary is appearing there and yes he should go greatly impressed me. It really lent a lot of credibility to the story in my view not to mention Joey`s sincerity. I have two things you might be able to help me with a question and a comment. First eh question the predictions are that there will be a great warning, then the great miracle, then if we are still bad a chastisement but what if we are good enough to avoid the chastisement then what? Judgement day? How does the antichrist fit into the Garabandal time line too will he appear as these things are happening? And secondly my comment. This great warning that is supposed to come where we are shown our sins sounds terrifying to me and I go to confession once a month, mass every Sunday, pray the rosary and chaplet of divine mercy and try to live out those things in my actions. How much more terrifying will it be for those who have no idea what might be coming. Im wondering if this showing of our sins will include all of our sins or just the unconfessed ones? Thanks for any answers you may have.

4 07 2008
Roman Deacon

Good questions! As far as the chastisement is concerned, it is conditional, depending on how the world responds to the Miracle and the Great Sign, which will be left at Garabandal till the end of the world to prove the existence of God! Conchita did say the chastisement would come anyway but I think it can be lessened by our prayers and penance. But remember Our Lady of Fatima said that a “time of peace and brotherhood ” would come after the triumph of her Immaculate Heart, so the chastisement seems to be sometime in the future and I wouldn’t worry about it.
The “Warning” or “Illumination” is like a mini-chastisement, where we will see how we are offending God and our fellow man. I would guess that means the sins that we are committing now and not the ones forgiven already but who knows. Our Lady did say that “those who love God will love Him even more,” so you are on the right track by your holy devotions!
Time is short and we expect things will be popping soon! It’s important to spread the Message to everyone so that they can be prepared because Our Lady said “some may die from the fright of their sins!”
Take care & God Bless+
Deacon John
p.s. I’m on Facebook as Deacon John Giglio and I have a ‘Friends of Garabandal’ group there and also a ‘Friends of Garabandal’ group on Yahoo Groups. You are welcome to join us.

6 07 2008
Rommel Abenoja

I have read he was born on 1928.

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