Old Article from Time Magazine

30 06 2008

Monday, Apr. 21, 1941


Japan is sending its No. 1 churchman, Bishop Yoshimune Abe, and its No. 1 Christian, trachoma-cured Toyohiko Kagawa, to a peace parley with U.S. church leaders at Riverside, Calif, next week. Its purpose as stated by the Japanese: “Prayer and to explore ways to preserve peace between Japan and the United States.

The part of the article I was interested in in particular was the last paragraph.

Two subjects not likely to be aired are Bishop Abe’s practice of worshiping at the Shinto Shrine at Ise and the decision of the Government-inspired church union to modify the Apostles’ Creed as suggested by the Ministry of Education. Some of the deletions: the Virgin Birth because it was “immoral,” the Resurrection because it was “unscientific and superstitious,” the Last Judgment because it implied that the Emperor could be judged.




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5 07 2008
Jacqueline Y.

Very interesting, to say the least! After reading the Time Magazine article you linked to, which is called “Peace Talk with Japan”, I googled “bishop yoshimune abe”, and discovered he was a *Methodist* bishop. I also found another Time article from almost 7 months earlier (Monday, Sep. 30, 1940) titled “Persecution in Japan”. The entire article is revealing, but here’s a quote: “This Bishop Abe is slated to head the Genuine Japan Christian Church into which all Protestant sects are being merged. Having imposed native heads on the Protestant missions and pledged them to renounce foreign financial support, the Japanese Government moved on to the Orthodox and Roman Catholic communions…” The article can be found at http://www.time.com/magazine/article/0,9171,764754,00.html

9 07 2008

Nice finds! I read the persecution article and also came across this one from May of 1941 I came across the original article while looking for something else and this has unexpectedly turned into a very interesting snapshot of Japan on the brink of war. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,795198,00.html?iid=chix-sphere

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