Stabbings in Akihabara

9 06 2008

In case you haven’t heard

I think there are several remarkable things about this case.  First of all the guy drove all the way to Tokyo from nowhere Shizuoka to do this because he wanted maximum attention and or carnage?  Secondly he sent text messages via cellphone to a website with updates on what he was doing.  It is almost like he wanted someone to read that and stop him.  Thirdly random attacks like this are not that uncommon here but usually only one or two people are injured or killed so those cases don’t get so much attention.  I believe Japan has never been an Eden of peace free from these kinds of attacks, or that society is getting worse.  There have always been crazy people doing bad things and there has been since the time of Cain and Able.

All I can do then is pray for those involved and for myself that I,  nor anyone I know, meet our maker in such a manner, and if I ever witness such a scenario I wont run but will be able to provide some sort of comfort and aid.




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9 06 2008
St. Augustine

Bless You!

Japan has not been taking care of itself spiritually. I find it surprising that they wonder how such a thing could happen; in Bhutan, people do not care about Gross National Product, but Gross National Happiness, because they are sincerely Buddhist.

In contrast Japan does not take religion seriously, if you’ve seen how they mixed religions and use them to their own benefit rather than being a part of a religion for that religion’s sake.

I find it amusing that the Japanese are talking about failing morality, but failing to examine their spiritual lives, as if they have no souls or no destination after death.

Just look at how they treat people in Japan! They are treated like commodity, being discarded and used… This leads to suicide and a lack of caring for anything at all. It is not like us Catholics can say to the Japanese “Man was made in God’s image” because they will either not understand or misinterpret what we mean.

Frankly, if people led more meaningful lives rather than trite and shallow ones, these things will never happen. Where do you find meaning? Certainly not in a modern philosophy but in the ancient wisdom of religions.

Buddhism and Shinto already had their turns, and obviously they have failed with World War 2. Let Christianity flourish and declare the Good News: We are meant to be more than animals with a natural destiny of death and oblivion; we are meant to be reunited with God, our Creator and Source of All Meanings, through His Grace and in following the example of Christ.

Again, Bless You. You are Japanese, and your countrymen are going through much suffering. I can only hope that this suffering will bring about the hearts of the nation into the merciful light of God Almighty through His One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.

12 06 2008

Hello, while there are Japanese Catholics I am just a foreigner 🙂

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