Tarot Inspired Show to Start at Tokyo Disney

5 06 2008


show concept on official site


With a ticket price of 9,800 yen per person and tarot inspired content I foresee myself not attending!  I avoid all kinds of fortune telling and the like so for me to waste money and time (I still wouldn’t go if it was free) on such a show, no thanks.  Of course everything Disney is popular here and as my last post showed so is fortune telling.  I also read another article about how all the Cirque shows that have come to Japan have done well, so I’m guessing they wont be lacking an audience.




3 responses

5 06 2008
Tarot Gratis

Mmmm, well I also see the psychic and foretelling just to be a waste of time but I have to admint that once I believed in this kind of stuff.

7 06 2008
Jim Wickson

I think it should be more widely known that Tarot cards were not originally intended for fortune telling. They were made for a trick taking card game similar to Whist. People mainly in continental Europe still play actual card games with Tarot decks. The use of Tarot for fortune telling did not begin until long after the creation of that deck. Because the Tarot first appeared in Renaissance Italy, the early Tarot images reflect the influence of a Catholic culture.

9 06 2008

I must admit I didnt know anything about the history of tarot cards until I read Jim`s comment and did some reading on wikipedia. Until now I had only know of their use in fortune telling.

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