What is Going on in Sendai?

26 05 2008

This story on the CBCJ site caught my attention for its what the heck factor.

The number of parishes and districts in Sendai that are implementing “collaborative evangelization” is increasing.


This collaborative evangelization seems to favor replacing the homily with a lay person giving a speech or faith sharing groups. That sets off warning bells in my mind since replacing the homily or anyone giving the homily besides the priest is a liturgical abuse. I don`t know what else collaborative evangelization entails but I hope it stays far away from my diocese if they are going to be messing with the homily.

Because of the story I was digging through the diocese of Sendai`s website and came across these photos form an international mass they had in 2004. It seems the dancing and such came after the mass but still is it really necessary to do that in the sanctuary?


This is the cathedral it took place at. It looks like a sterile operating room with a surf board for a operating table to me not a house of the Lord. Most troubling of all is I don`t see any obvious crucifix.


Here is a church in the diocese that looks like it has not been wreckovated.





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