In Japanese, Gospel gradually blooms

24 04 2008

I came across an article from a Baptist site as I was searchingng for news and thought it made one very good point in particular.

Quote Yet many Japanese who come to faith in Christ do so 10, 20 and even 40 years after they had some contact with the Gospel.”

I completely agree.  As I mentioned before my friend who went to see The Passion with me, and who has also attended mass with me didntbeg to be baptized a week later or anything like that,nor did I try to dunk them.  My friend does take particular interest in the Eucharist though because for one Japanese love to eat, and love to eat things they consider special and valuable like toro or kobe beef (yum yum).  So for my friend to see me eat this most mysterious food that they could not have really got their attention.  I think the idea of the Eucharist as the most precious and valuable of all foods  could really get the interest of many Japanese.  That is also why I think everyone should receive on the tongue so if non Catholics are watching they can see hmm there is something special here, this isn’t just a cookie.

Anyway God and my friend are on their own time and they will work things out when they are ready.  I will be around but Im not going to force anything. 




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