WYD Cross in Japan?

23 04 2008

As far as I have found by googling the wyd cross and icon have never been here.  This Vatican site lists places the cross has been to excluding 2008.


I know that the cross did not come here on its way to Australia so there was yet another missed opportunity.  I know what people would say “well Japan is not a Catholic country so there probably isn’t that much interest” to which I would reply and how could people ever think of Jesus and His Church if they are not promoted a bit?  There are definitely enough youth to carry that cross around Tokyo a little, and what an awesome chance to evangelise.  As I have said before Catholicism here has not failed it has barely had a chance, and having the wyd cross in Tokyo would be so powerful.  It would make people who see it think and even have a chance to come in contact with Catholics.

I am a fan of Cardinal Arinze and one of my favorite quotes from him is “you can propose but you dare not impose”  and I think the cross would be a great way to propose Christ.  I have already emailed the CBCJ about this and will see what kind of reply I get, if any, since I just used the info address on their main site.  info {at} cbcj.catholic.jp



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