Father Zakaria Botros

28 03 2008

Interesting article, to say the least, about a man I had never heard of before but is quite amazing in what he does since it seems so simple yet he has the courage to do it. 


Here is a youtube clip of Father Zakaria talking about Muslim cleric converts


And here is a clip, dubbed in English, from his show.


How does this relate to Japan?  Well I have heard from friends that there are some religion shows on tv very early Sunday morning, and the shows are very dull and obscure.  I wonder what would happen if there were a show like Father Zakaria`s on Japanese tv at a time of day that would get noticed.  Political debate shows are popular so why not a religious debate show with an excellent Catholic apologist?  Even if a Japanese priest put basic apologetics videos on youtube it would be a start since there is really nothing out there trying to reach Japanese people in an intelligent manner.




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29 03 2008
Dr. Ransom


This is a fantastic idea. Television would be ideal, since most everyone in Japan has one, and not everyone has internet access. So, like you said, it would be a start; but that’s better than nothing.

Do you know any Japanese priests to whom you could make this suggestion? Or English-speaking priests who could pass the idea along to their Japanese compatriots? If you can find an orthodox Jesuit, that would be ideal: they’re wicked smart. 🙂


31 03 2008

It was strange because as I was writing that post the thought came to me that I should suggest this to someone who could actually act on it but who? Several days later I still don`t think of anyone specific but rather my Bishop and a couple of the parishes with a large international community. I will write a letter or fax and post about it on here if I get any replies.

1 04 2008
Dr. Ransom

Awesome. Keep your readers posted if anything happens. 🙂


16 11 2008

I don’t think this will appeal to the regular Japanese audiance. The kind of debate that Father Zakaria is engaged in requires a relgious audiance. With less than 1% of the Japanese population Christian, it will fall on deaf ears.

17 11 2008

I just wish someone, like a Catholic Bishop or priest, would at least try. That such a person would at least make an attempt and see what happens, and if no one listens then I guess that would be the result however my hope is that someone would at least try.

14 12 2008
Khalid Sagmani

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. Johan 8:32
Father Zakaria Botros ( ‘Truth Talk’ ) the Man of each time.It may seem the Lord gives you strange things always.“Islam cannot stand in front of intellectual questions and no one can understand because of contradictions in Koran, contradictions in Hadith, contradictions and false doctrines. So they don’t want anybody to ask and to learn. ‘This is Islam, you have to accept it as it is’ lest you should be killed,” Zakaria said.
Father Zakaria Botros Thank you God bless you, best health and peace, we was blind in our brain and heart. even we have two eyes, God bless you,

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