Abortion in Japan

18 03 2008

It is very common, accepted, and hard to get exact numbers on in English.  For example in a document from 2001 titled Reverence for Life: A Message for the Twenty-First Century from The Catholic Bishops of Japan they provide an unsourced statement that “There are more than one million abortions in Japan each year…”  http://www.cbcj.catholic.jp/eng/edoc/01life.htm#b-sex

A simple google search will provide a general overview of this topic, and statistics at at least 300 000 aboritons per year.  A Catholic view can be had at lifeissues.net with articles such as the following about abortion and grieving in Japan.   http://www.lifeissues.net/writers/zim/zim_70grievingunbornjapan.html

Lifeissues even has a Japanese site which is the only anti abortion/ pro-life site of its kind I can find so far.  http://japan-lifeissues.net/




One response

9 02 2009

There is a Protestant Pro life group called, roughly, the association for protecting small lives. http://www.chiisana.org/

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