Into Great Silence

21 01 2008

I watched this movie recently on DVD and I’m not sure I was ready for it.  I had read it was slow, and of course very quiet but when I sat there and tried to watch it for two and a half hours I just couldn’t do it.  I would get up and do something else for a moment and toward the end I was fast-forwarding it.  I did learn one thing though and that was I’m the kind of person that would rather pray then watch someone pray, go for a walk, shovel snow, chop wood, or get their hair cut than watch someone else do that.  I read that the man who made the film had to wait sixteen years to gain permission and I have my own guess as to why.  The monks probably thought he was odd, wondering why would anyone want to watch their humble, simple lives.  There is nothing wrong with their lives but on camera to a third party viewer can it really be that interesting?

If anyone is interested in the movie I would encourage them to at least try watching it, and if you fast-forward don’t worry you weren’t the only one.




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