Church Interiors

15 01 2008

After having the opportunity to visit a few churches in Europe, the U.S, Canada, and Japan I have come to conclude I like the traditional style rather than the modern style. The reasons would be similar to those in my post bongo drum mass about why I prefer organ music to a band. Basically the traditional style conveys more reverence, more respect, makes a more suitable home for the Blessed Eucharist, draws ones thoughts to heaven and so on.

In the tabernacle of a Catholic church is Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords thus his house should be reflective of that in the music and interior. When I see churches on a blog like CathCon I am not surprised Catholics lapse and new converts are not drawn to the faith when some churches look like the interior of a spaceship or ugly modern “art.”

Unfortunately many churches in Japan were built after WWII and to put it nicely aren’t that nice to look at. Of course things weren’t really built to last in Japan especially in the rush to rebuild, then in the economic boom in the late 80s. For example a house that was built 25 years ago is not an asset it is only worth the ground it’s on as no one in their right mind would want to live in it due to outdated shoddy construction and design. The recently rebuilt ones like the church in Kobe I posted photos of seem to be of a modern, minimalist style so I dont know what the future holds.




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