Magic Mirror

6 12 2007

Flipping through the channels on Japanese tv one day I came across a show that I almost ignored but kept watching and learned something that stunned me.  I had no idea that something like the magic mirror existed but it did and during the time Christians were being persecuted in Japan the mirrors even concealed Christian images.  If googled there is more information but here is one site to get started.




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6 10 2008
Ronald "Kudo" Campise

I just came across your inquiry. I was in Nagasaki Japan last August doing research at the 26 martyrs museum about the “Makyoh” or magic mirror in my care along with a fictional story I’ve now completed writing surrounding the mirror. The image projected from my 360 year old magic mirror is of the Madonna with child. No kidding. I’ve told a few and shown less the image projected from the Makyoh and in this jaded, materialistic seen everything World, many don’t seem to care, even amongst many professed Catholics. According to the few who do care, it is one of the rarest, most sacred objects in the World. And priceless to boot. I really don’t care about it’s materialistic value. For the mirror to have survived the ages in a hostile World and been found once more, is the true miracle. If you wan to see images of what is reflected by the mirror, even though justice isn’t done in flat 2D, for the image projected is holographic in nature. However in a transmitted image you can still make out what was represented when placed side by side with a representation of the Madonna. The mirror was probably used as an hidden object of worship, placed in a sympathic temple for Catholic worship. What was lost is now found onc e more and now in friendly hands.

10 10 2008

You actually have one? That is amazing! Even though I only saw it on tv I was really touched by everything the mirror represented. I was amazed by the ingenuity of the craftsmanship but most of all that those people still tried to do everything they could to hold on to their faith even though they knew they would be killed if they were caught. Seeing that mirror on tv helped me along the way of learning how people who are martyrs actually live and think, and question how my faith matched up to theirs.

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