St Marys Cathedral Tokyo

19 11 2007

I also have not been here and don’t really want to since I’m not a fan of plain old concrete, however, looking around their website shows that that even the baptismal font is horrible especially when compared to the one in Kamakura. Click on layout in the upper right of the page then on the various items to see photos.

Their cross does not have a crucified Christ on it either

And their altar don’t get me started I will just let you read their description for yourself.

The altar as the symbol of Christ, the center of unity for all humanity, recalls the table of the Last
This alter is made from Italian marble. In the elevated part of the sanctuary we find the altar itself, the lectern and the seat for the presiding priest. All this shows the presence of Christ during the services in the Word of God and in the presiding priest.




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25 11 2007
Dr. Ransom

First, let me thank you for your response. Don’t worry about taking awhile; clearly, I’m not the most punctual person myself. 🙂

I’m glad to hear that guitar Masses aren’t a part of Catholic life in Japan, at least from what you’ve seen. I suspect that part of why the Church in America has had so many problems in this respect is that our culture generally values novelty over tradition. That’s not to imply that novelty isn’t thought highly of in Japan as well; from what I know of the situation there, consumerism is definitely alive and well. At the same time, I sense that there is a bit more respect for tradition in Japanese culture than here. This doesn’t necessarily imply a reverence for Catholic tradition—Japan, after all, doesn’t have that many Catholics—but its an attitude that probably bleeds over into the way the Church does things there.

That’s not to say that the situation in the states is hopeless, though. The state of the liturgy will be problematic for some time yet, but signs of renewal are popping up here and there, especially in the wake of the *motu proprio*.

I would agree that St. Mary’s in Tokyo is pretty ugly. I don’t understand the appeal of such architecture from a religious perspective; what’s it supposed to inspire?

Then again, you should also count yourself lucky. At least your diocese doesn’t have a cathedral that looks like it’s about to blast off into outer space:



2 12 2009

Thank you,
very interesting article

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