Military Chaplains

8 11 2007

This video is a recruiting video but also pays tribute to the men who serve the military as chaplains, Catholic chaplains in particular.  It is a US military video as that is the only country I could find who had such a video on you tube it does not mean I am forgetting about all the other chaplains serving the spiritual needs of soldiers of various other nations.  I am not in the military however I have respect for those who serve and serve well.

I can also, by living in a foreign country, identify with something one chaplain says in the video at around 3:55.  He says “we kind of represent home to them because the only thing they have in life that’s similar to home at times is their faith.”  It is reassuring to know that by attending mass I am connected to millions of others around the world who are doing the same.  Plus I can pray for my family and friends who are far away, as they can pray for me and that that is very reassuring when on is unable to be close to loved ones.

This video also makes me think of those soldiers who are Catholic in particular and how much more serious about their faith they possibly are than non military Catholics because their job demands them to confront morality more than the average person would like to think about it.




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