John Paul II’s Funeral

28 10 2007

When Pope John Paul II passed away I was able to watch the funeral live in the evening Japan time on CNN.  It was unforgettable to me for many good reasons but there was one little thing that got to me.  In attendance were queens, kings, presidents both current and former, prime ministers, princes and so on.  Basically almost everyone sent their highest ranking people to attend, to honor a great man.  Japan did not (and Bangladesh.)  Japan sent an ex foreign minister (as the news stated here,) or as stated on wikipedia adviser to the pm.  I have no idea what the job of advisor to the pm is but it doesn’t sound that great for representing one’s country at a Papal funeral  I think the prime minister or at least the deputy pm should have been the one to attend.

I wonder if the officials here realized what they did upon seeing footage of the dignitaries at the funeral.  I hope a few officials were embarrassed after that because at least they would have noticed, albeit too late, that they should have done better.  What would be more of concern to me is that no one was embarrassed because they saw no problem with a low status dignitary.  Rant over and yes I do feel a bit better.

If interested there is a list of dignitaries on wikipedia



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