Our Father in Japanese

23 10 2007

Shu no Inori

Ten ni orareru watashi-tachi no Chichi yo,

minna ga sei tosaremasu yo ni.

Mi kuni ga kimasu yo ni.

Mi kokoro ga ten ni okona wareru tori chi ni mo okonawaremasu yo ni.

Watashitachi no hi goto no kate o kyo mo oatae kudasai.

Watashitachi no tsumi o yurushi kudasai.

Watashitachi mo hito o yurushimasu.

Watashitachi o yuwaku ni ochi irasezu, aku kara o sukui kudasai.





5 responses

11 06 2008

Hello, congratulations for the interesting blog. I’m italian from Cagliari and I found this post searching the “Shu no Inori” through Google. I’m interested in Catholic prayers in japanese. Also I like japanese language very much, so I started to study this wonderful language. I found other prayer in kanji (Glory Be to the Father 栄唱, Apostle’s Creed 使徒信条, Salve Regina 元后あわれみの母, Fatima prayer ファティマの祈り) but I don’t know the reading of all kanjis that there are in the texts. Can you write new prayers (with the text in romaji too) in next post?
A second question: I found other versions of the “Our Father”: for example this. Which is correct? Which is the difference? Thanks for reading,

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.

23 03 2010

greetings from Mexico 🙂
I was able to visit Japan last Christmas, and now I would really like to learn japanese and visit again. Thanks for posting this.
I will put a link from my blog (though it is in spanish)
Next time I go to Japan, I’ll go to mass.

24 03 2010

I am looking for RCIA resources in Japanese. Any ideas?

27 03 2010

Hmm maybe the Daughters of St Paul might be able to help. http://english.pauline.or.jp/

27 03 2010

Hello! If you ever come back definitely go to Mass in Japanese. I`ll admit I was nervous at first but its really the same in any language and now Ive been to Mass in French, Latin, Italian, and a bilingual Tagalog/English Mass. No Spanish Mass yet but if I have the chance Id go to that too 😀

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