My Late Reply

18 10 2007

A reader, Matt, commented on my post way back on Sept 24 and since I’m so late with my reply I will post it as a new post and promise to be much faster with my replies in the future.  The post and comment were about the Latin mass in Japan.

 My reply
Sorry for the late reply.  I googled Latin mas in Tokyo and came up with the vague info that yes the SSPX does have one somewhere but I have no intention of seeking them out.  I had heard about them a little before but as you wrote they are schismatic and I don’t want to get involved with that. 

The Japanese masses Ive been to are fairly conservative, no guitars for one thing, just an organ, and definitely no dance.   Some women even cover their heads with lace mantillas which stunned me the first time I saw that because I had no knowledge of that custom.  I am not sure how receptive Japanese would be to a Latin mass although the head covering ladies would likely be all for it.  The English mass I attend which is run by the Filipino community also have no idea how open they would be to it since they appear to be more casual. 

I really like a reverential mass but interestingly the casual English mass has a very reverential priest and the conservative Japanese mass some of the priests are seemingly in a hurry or bored.

I would love to go to Italy but the yen euro exchange rate right now is not helping.




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