15 10 2007

A story in the news today reminded me of the number of cults in Japan, some small and some large (Sokka Gakkai) the existence of which foreigners should be aware of.  The cult groups associate themselves unofficially with Buddhism or Shinto so some foreigners may think the groups are harmless but that is not always the case so contact with these groups such as at benefit concerts etc should be taken with a grain of salt.  For example an acquaintance of mine was invited several times to join a yoga group but, fortunately it turns out she was always too busy to attend.  Turns out later the invitations were coming from Aum members and the yoga was their lure in that area.  Grain of salt.  I had my own unwitting brush with a Japanese cult too with will be a different post.

 The news story was about the murder of an elderly woman

for the short version see here

long version




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