Unusual Events 3

10 09 2007

One summer a friend and I were to take a night flight to Paris from Narita.  I was able to arrive at Narita earlier in the day than my friend so I had time to kill while waiting for my friend to show up.  As I was waiting the weather outside was getting worse, and while I was sitting in a massaggin chair with an outside view I saw heavy rain and lightening so I prayed that my friend’s train would not be stopped and that the friend would make it to the airport on time to catch the flight since there would be no more flights that day.

I got a call on my cellphone from my friend saying their train had stopped and that they were trying to catch a taxi.  Now there are several points here.  One Narita airport is one hour or so away from Tokyo, so there aren’t that many taxis at the various smaller stops along the way.  Two if the train stopped that means a bunch of people want to get a taxi, so that combined with the other people who need one because of the rain and you see how slim the odds start to get.

So my friend had phoned me and said the train had stopped very close to a station and was now trying to get a taxi.  Now I really started to pray  because I knew how hard it would be to get a taxi.  Some time passed and my friend called again this time from a cab!  Oh I was so happy because my friend had gone down the road a bit from the station (and the long waiting line for the next taxi) and caught a cab that was headed for the station.  Usually people dont hail taxis in Japan people wait at taxi stands, so my friend was lucky that the only cab in sight actually stopped.

My friend arrived at the airport in time, we checked in for our flight and had a great trip.  All thanks to a little divine assistance I think.




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