Unusual Events 2

7 09 2007

One the same day, just minutes before the story in unusual events 1 took place I had another thing happen to me.    As I said it was my first day of work at a new job so before finding my way to a new school I had to find my way out of an unfamiliar and large train station at rush hour.  I was standing on the train platform looking at my map and an exit map of the station trying to figure out which one of the many exits I was to find when suddenly a young woman stopped and offered to help.  She spoke little English and I spoke little Japanese.  I showed her my map and without saying  a word she motioned for me to follow her and she then lead me through the maze of the station to my correct exit.  I said some very appreciative thank yous and  went on my way.

For a complete stranger to help someone like that  young woman helped me in a rush hour train station is very unlikely but she appeared and helped all without my asking.  Without her who knows how long it would have taken me to find my way. Same goes for the preceding story about running into my coworker.  I think that these events had some divine help of course I have no way to know for certain but when I was in great need help appeared.




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