Unusual Events 1

6 09 2007

I remembered today some unusual things that have happened to me in my time here. These are things that many people would probably write off as luck, a coincidence or something along those lines. I think, however, they were instances of my guardian angel, or somebody else heavenly looking out for me. This story happened on my first day of work at one job.

Finding any place in Tokyo is hard, even Japanese people get lost, so although I had a map to find my way to the school I wasn’t sure which tiny little side street I was supposed to turn down. Feeling worried and helpless I stopped at a vending machine to buy a drink, and to give myself a chance to calm down & regroup. As I was standing there about to buy my drink one of my coworkers approached on her way to work too. She knew where to go so I happily followed her and we went to work. I never told her I didn’t know where I was going but I was so relieved we crossed paths! Id swear the timing was heaven sent because otherwise the odds are so unlikely, plus I was in great need, so I think God heard my prayers.



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30 01 2010


could you tell me more about you, please?

many thanks


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