Sacred Heart Cathedral Yamate Yokohama

18 08 2007

Another church in another port city this time Yokohama. I don’t travel that much I’m just digging through past photos. Yamate is where many of the foreigners who came to Yokohama after the port opened in 1859 lived. For a bit more on Yamate

and for more on the history of Yokohama the first few paragraphs at least are worth the time

since many of Japan’s modern firsts happened there.

More photos from the church here on their website and their main site is




3 responses

17 12 2008

I’ve been there a couple times! Unfortunately never for a mass. Was too far away from where I lived.

27 02 2009

The photos were nice.

Can you give the address, so that other visitors may try to go there for Sunday mass?

7 04 2009
Mary Jo Tan

I was a parishioner several years ago and need some info from the parish office. Could someone give me the name of the present pastor for the foreign community or the name of the parish secretary? And by the way, the photos are beautiful…they bring back so many memories. MJ Tan

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