Vacations and church

13 08 2007

A lot of people in Japan this week are on vacation as it is school summer holidays combined with Obon.  For a quick overview of what Obon is  Many companies close down rather forcing people to take a holiday so what do a lot of people do?  Travel somewhere!   Many will travel from big cities like Tokyo back to their hometowns often in a more rural area.  This causes massive congestion on roads with 30-40km traffic jams, fully booked trains and domestic flights.  Other people will travel overseas and all this demand makes for very expensive plane tickets.  Needless to say I don’t go far from home at this time of year.

I did go to church on Sunday and surprisingly there were if not the usual number of people at mass then maybe even a bit more.  It made me think of people who go on vacation and skip mass even though there may be a church near them.  I think those people are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to see what other Catholic churches are like.  Of course the mass should be pretty much the same but the different art and architecture can be interesting or even stunning.  People who travel to cities with famous churches like Paris with Notre Dame de Paris should not miss the chance to attend mass even if it is in another language.  Mass at Notre Dame was certainly one of the highlights of Paris for me although the many tourists on the sidelines taking photos with flashes on gave me mixed emotions of being annoyed yet feeling popular.  I have even made a private slideshow in windows movie maker of many of the churches I have been to that I may put up on you tube someday.

 So next time you’re on vacation, or just traveling somewhere, go to church and dont forget your camera.





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