Baptisms on the rise

5 08 2007

From this news story

At the church I go to there were about nine new Catholics received into the church this past Easter vigil, and its not that big a church according to me.  If I remember correctly five were women and four were men, eight were Japanese and one had a Korean sounding name.  I was pretty surprised because I thought hey this is Japan how many converts could there be?  As for infant baptisms maybe it’s just the mass I go to but all the ones I’ve seen either the mom and dad are both Filipino, or the mom is Filipino and the dad is Japanese.  This last combination is my guess as to the increase in baptisms and marriages stated in the article.

These days many Filipinos are being hired as nurses especially to care for the elderly, plus many Japanese men in particular in more rural areas have a harder time finding a wife and many will marry Chinese, Korean, and Filipino women.   So my guess is that its mainly our Filipino sisters most likely who are helping those numbers go up.  They live, work, marry, and raise families here while the majority of other foreign groups don’t stay very long and/or have no or don’t retain their religion.

I wonder about the Japanese converts and how they did it, especially if they had no foreign influence such as friends or coworkers.  I really wish I could get up the nerve to ask someone one day how did they become Catholic, or if they came from a Catholic family how did they manage to retain their faith?  If they converted I wonder how their families took it.

Wondering aside it is nice that the number of Catholics here is increasing for whatever reason but I just hope these people are good solid Catholics.  I’d rather that there were a few people who had a good basic knowledge of their faith and lived that out in their lives than massive numbers of people who knew little and did less.

Pray for Japan and the whole of East Asia.  A chaplet of Divine Mercy is good I think 🙂




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