Fr Donald Calloway

30 07 2007

I saw him on EWTN and he has one incredible story.  Go to their audio library and search for his name and listen to the Journey Home, or go to this site and there is a video of his story plus some stuff on Medjugorje and a homly he gave there.

It is incredible to listen to this man, now a priest wearing a collar, tell the story of his absolutely wild teenage years.  I think he has most people beat in terms of wildness too.  He did every kind of drugfrequently, drank alcohol every day,  slept with tons of girls,  dropped out of highschool, he got a Grateful Dead tattoo, he got thrown in jail, thrown in rehab, thrown out of Japan.  He knew nothing about God Jesus or Mary nor did he care to learn.  So how did someone who was the polar opposite of priest material and more likely to end up dead in the gutter end up in a collar?  Listen to his story!





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