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8 07 2007

The loosening of the laws on the tridentine mass sure aren’t making some reporters happy “Pope Benedict’s decision to promote the old Latin mass is a dream come true for delighted Roman Catholic traditionalists and a looming headache for the harried priests now expected to celebrate it. REUTERS/Chris Helgren” what the heck!? One of the the priests at my church here runs through the mass so fast you would think it was a headache for him to do the new mass so Id love to see him do the old rite.

Speaking of the old rite the first time I ever saw it was on you tube a couple of months ago. Im in my 20s and had never experienced a tridentine mass in any form so the one I saw on you tube was an awesome beautiful almost alien surprise. I wish masses here were more like that instead of father speedy rushing through the entire thing. I know priests aren’t there to entertain but at the very least they should be sincere, reverent, and their words and actions should convey that to the congregation.

Here is part one of eight of that mass on you tube.

In all I’m for the tridentine mass. The tons of incense I eagerly await since I love church incense and think they should use it all the time. Eucharist on the tongue with someone holding a paten underneath certainly conveys a more sacred experience than the current widespread hand it out in the hand snack time style. Prayers in Latin no problem! I don’t know any Latin but I manage to go in Japanese so it cant be any harder plus I think Latin would be fun and learning new languages is fun.




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15 02 2010

yeah you are right, it’s cool to hear mass on Latin. I have never been to one, but I would like to. I’m learning Latin for past two years, interesting language but hard. Your blog is great I always wanted to learn more about Japan(I’m even leaning Japanese) and Japanese culture, so it’s nice of you to show us things about Japanese Catholics. Thanks on prayers on Japanese, when I was looking for them I accidentally found your blog.

LAUDETUR IESUS CHRISTUS (Praised be Jesus Christ)
Mislav from Croatia

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