Kobe Chuo (central) Catholic Church

4 07 2007

Was sightseeing in Kobe recently and came across this church. I was too late for mass but stopped in anyway for a prayer and photos. At first it almost doesn’t look Catholic. Where is the tabernacle candle, the stations of the cross, and a cross of Christ crucified. I was in a church in Manhattan near wall street sightseeing and although it was Episcopal (I think) it at first glance looked more Catholic than this place.

Upon closer inspection though one can see the stations of the cross are in the stained glass windows, the tabernacle candle is there but hidden by the curve of one of the windows at the front, and Christ on the cross well um there is a statue and the bricks are raised out from the wall in a cross-like shape. Does that count? If anyone is interested here is their website in Japanese only as far as I can see http://www.kobe-chuo.catholic.ne.jp/ English mass is @ 11:15am on Sunday and in Japanese @9:15am.

Sorry if the photo quality isnt perfect, also notice in front of the altar there are sunflowers. After the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995 these flowers became very popular because of the story of one little girl http://www.jamco.or.jp/english/library/documentary/dc280000/dc280435.html




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16 06 2009

I’ll be in Kobe to visit my daughter in late July and early August. All I want is an address of the Kobe Catholic Church.

23 07 2009
Dick Kelly

This is the rebuilt Catholic Church. In 1995, the old Sacred Hearth Church was destroyed by the Hanshin earthquake. Unfortunately like most modern rebuilds, it seems to be made into a high ceiling prefabricated concrete cave. I have seen many Catholic Churches rebuilt in this manner after fires, or natural disasters. The skill of rebuilding churches in their original glory has been lost or is “unbudgeted for”. As a Marian church, the old church sported the classical twin steeples with the large rosette stained window above the double wooden doors.

Though I live in the city of Napier, in New Zealand (and our old wooden St. Patrick’s church was destroyed in a fire by a boy playing with matches and rebuilt in the manner shown above), I was born in Kobe and St. Mary’s church was my church. I am very sorry it is no longer there.

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